What Custodian360 does for your Business
Managed Endpoint Security


Custodian360 uses powerful behavioural analysis for threat detection ensuring nothing slips by.


Silent monitoring of the kernel space provides protection from known and unknown threats.


Automated and manual remediation with zero touch is seamless and virtually instant.

Ransomware Recovery

Custodian360 can return encrypted files to their pre-encrypted state in seconds.
Built for your business

Our team of highly experienced dedicated Security Analysts provide the first line of defence for your business, removing the headache of managing threat intelligence, research, analysis and false positives yourself.

Custodian360 will:

  • Kill malicious processes
  • Quarantine malware and infected files
  • Disconnect infected EndPoints from the network to prevent lateral spread
  • Alert your IT Security personnel via email
  • Immunise all other protected EndPoints on the network against new, never-before-seen threats
  • Report and escalate
  • Provide regular, ongoing board level reporting

Detailed deep analysis of forensic threat data is transformed into an intuitive visualisation in real time building an intuitive attack storyline. The attack storyline depicts the threat execution flow in high resolution, from inception through to Kill Quarantine and full Remediation. Our team can view a specific process on the attack story line and drill down into the individual network, file, process, or data actions that occurred. This information allows our team to take decisive action towards securing your network.

If escalation is needed, we will provide an outline of the attack details. This will often include attack statistics, file information, path, machine name, IP, domain, along with information about where else on the network the attack has been seen, what we’ve done to isolate or eliminate the threat and what your team’s next step should be, if any.

In addition, we can provide cloud reputation, certificate information (if the file is signed or not), and advanced attack details (such as a list of known packers that may have been used). And lastly, we will provide a forensic grade incident report directly to your IT department – especially helpful in compliance driven environments.


Are you responsible for protecting your network and tired of dealing with Ransomware, viruses and malware?

About Custodian360

Custodian360 is a complete managed EndPoint security solution offering, Prevention, Detection and Remediation with full spectrum analytics. Powered by SentinelOne, Custodian360 allows us to centrally manage your EndPoints using our behavioural analysis agent to alert our experienced analysts to assess the threat quickly and effectively. When threats are detected we are able to stop them in their tracks regardless of their nature, be it conventional malware, file less, browser or network based threats thus ensuring the safety of your users and continuity of business is uninterrupted. Even in the case of the most virulent ransomware strains, if any files are encrypted we can offer full remediation in a matter of seconds returning your files to a pre-execution state and removing all traces of any threat.

The world of End Point protection.

Custodian360 was founded on the belief that traditional EndPoint solutions simply aren’t doing the job. With over 15 years’ experience in EndPoint Protection we decided to take the pain away from our clients and help them achieve what was previously not possible. Welcome to the world of Managed Complete EndPoint Protection, Detection and Remediation.


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