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Managed Phishing & Security Awareness Training

Let us test and train your Organisation so they are less likely to be caught out by the real thing.

Regular Testing

Monthly campaigns are delivered directly to users mailboxes negating the need for whitelisting.

Hands Off

As with all of our Services, we do everything for you, including campaign creation and training courses.


With intelligence from our other Services, we are able to create templates quickly that replicate real attacks.

Rapid Response

Whatever it is that you need, our team is always on hand to advise or take over a situation and provide full resolution.


Our Security Operations Centre is UK based and all operations are handled by our in-house team of experts.

Cost Effective

With options starting from a single license our services are more accessible and cost effective than you would think.

Our Managed Phishing & Training Service Provides

Monthly Phishing Campaigns Built By Us

Multiple Training Courses per Month

Automated Breach Monitoring for Your Credentials

Monitoring For Credential Reuse

Extensive Reporting Options

Over 90% of all Data Breaches are Linked to Clicking
Phishing Links

Creating a Cyber Aware Culture is not something that happens overnight, it takes time!


As we are all more than aware, not getting around to implementing Security Awareness Training can end up costing organisations dearly 


Our highly respected security awareness training & Simulated phishing & policy management platform is an innovative, easy to sell and fully managed cost effective complement to any security stack