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Managed Email Security & Filtering

Let our team of Security Analysts find and contain threats for you.

Multi-Layered Protection

Combining multiple technologies to ensure protection against know and unkown threats.

Deep Inspection

Going beyond traditional techniques to inspect files delivered over SSL and TLS to find hidden threats.

Enhanced Security

Leveraging advanced threat detection technologies to safeguard sensitive data & Intellectual Property.

Improved Compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance & data protection standards with robust email security measures.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration with your existing infrastructure provides hassle-free deployment & management.

Peace of Mind

With our Email Protection Service you can rest assured that your email ecosystem is fortified.

Our Managed Email Security & Filtering Service Provides

Multi-Layered Protection

Inspection of Encrypted Communications

Improved Compliance

Peace of Mind

Optional SandBlast Threat Emulation

Optional URI Analysis & Classification

We Understand the evolving nature of Cyber
Threats & the importance of maintaining trust
& security within your Organisation


In todays digital landscape where email remains an indispensable communication tool for organisations, the need for robust email security has never been more critical. 

With the constant threat of phishing attacks, data breaches and privacy concerns looming, enterprises must invest in specialised Email security & Control systems to safeguard their email ecosystems effectively.


Custodian360 understand the evolving nature of cyber threats and the importance of maintaining trust and security and that’s why we have developed and email protection & Filtering service tailored specifically for enterprises, offering comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats while ensuring seamless integration with existing solutions and made it available to any size organisation.


Combining dynamic malware analysis, threat emulation, Multi-Layered Protection & Inspection of encrypted communications or email protection & filtering service finds & contains threats before they arrive at you organisation