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Our Services

Our Services are designed to cover the core aspects of Cyber Security providing you with cost effective and rapid solutions to the problems we all face. 

Please see below for some of the highlights of our Services. 

Managed Extended Detection & Response

Our MXDR Solution is fully managed by our expert team of Security Analysts in our in-house Security Operations Centre.

Our Analysts spend their time gathering, monitoring and responding to all threats detected globally.

This enables MSP's, Resellers and IT Professionals alike to offload the time consuming job of threat monitoring to concentrate on more pressing matters.

Data Privacy

Our fully managed Data Privacy Solution identifies all sensitive data within an organisation regardless of whether this is stored locally or in any cloud location.

Transparent encryption quickly mitigates data risk in real time and continuous review maintains your prescribed risk level.

Never worry again about where data is being held, allow us to apply encryption to any location or and data stream based on policies mapped to your actual usage.

Phishing & Security Awareness Training

Train and encourage your Customers and Employees in an encouraging and positive way.

Satisfy the Cyber Insurance and Compliance obligations for your Customers.

Full online UK media library covering all aspects of awareness training.

Flexible monthly billing.

Vulnerability Detection & Management

Using a multitude of scanning engines our Vulnerability Management service identifies your weaknesses to allow patching at the earliest opportunity.

Choose from Monthly, Quarterly or Ad-Hoc scanning options.

Choose between Infrastructure and Application scanning options as needed.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing service provides you with much more than a single "point in time" test. Our Engineers will perform full penetration tests at 6 monthly intervals with on demand retests for exposed vulnerabilities at any time.

Quickly find and remediate your external attack surface weaknesses with the remediation steps contained within each report.

Easily schedule tests whenever you need then through our self-service portal.

Provide your Customers with bespoke penetration testing at a fraction of the cost you'd expect.

DNS Filtering

Our DNS Filtering service provides you with Content Filtering, Threat Protection and Network Visibility in a single multi-tenant platform.

Block phishing, malware, adware and more with real-time updates from our threat detection engine.

Pre-defined policies can quickly be assigned to users to ensure their safety and security.

Simple per device, per month billing at the lowest price available.