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It is ok not to be ok, lets party like it is 2021 for a good cause

Anyone in my network that knows me, knows just how much I love to party, but this year has knocked me for six in my confidence as a sales person, as a mother and as a partner, it has a huge impact on my mental wellbeing, I know that many others have had much bigger things to overcome this year, but for me it has been a very raw, emotional and quite isolating and lonely journey.

When I was at my lowest point at the beginning of June along came the inaugural Cyber House Party, it had a huge impact! Listening to the panelists honesty, hearing some of their struggles during lock down, really made me realise that I was not as isolated as I had convinced myself I was. It also made me realise that although I was having to adapt and do things differently I was not failing as badly as I thought I was, I was in fact adjusting to something no one could have been prepared for. This was a massive kick up the arse for me, well timed and much needed.

The 3rd of June was a game changer, I will ALWAYS remember it from the laughter to the tears to dancing around my lounge in my PJ’s to some epic DJ sessions, with people from all round the globe, from across the huge spectrum that is our awesome Infosec family.

I have decided to put this out there as the guys at Cyber House Party are only going again, this time around promises to be as epic as the first. Myself and everyone at Custodian360 are getting behind them with everything we have from sponsorship to spreading the word and getting as many people involved as we can. This event is being supported by the incredible Rory Innes and his very special volunteers at The Cyber Helpline and The National Museum of Computing and this time around we will raising much needed funds for the very important NSPCC and the increasingly needed resources at Mind. This year will be a year we all want to forget for many reasons but let’s leave our mark on this year and make a positive impact and smash Cyber House Party target way into #2021. If you got this far, thank you for reading and please join us on 29th October for an evening to remember.

Lastly if anyone in my network feels like they are failing or needs someone to talk to please feel free to reach out, we are all in this together and we all need to make it out the other side, when I am sure we will all party in person again.

Take care, Nikki x

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