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Managed Incident Response

When the worst happens we can help, using a variety of tools we can help you with attribution, identification and containment before fully cleaning an environment.

Rapid Containment

We can quickly deploy tools to contain any attacker and gain valuable forensic information.

Global Visibility

Collaboration with Octopi, Unhacked and Red Goat provides Global Visibilty and Response


No matter where you are based we can mobilise regional resources quickly to start containment and investigation.

Rapid Results

With guaranteed response within as little 6 hours we start working quickly to conatian and eradicate intrusions.


Our Security Operations Centre is UK based and all Incident Response activity is co-ordinated by and feeds back into the SOC.

Cost Effective

Our low cost Incident Response retainers starts with remote deployment of tools saving you money before moving to on-site prescence if needed.

Our Managed Incident Response Service Provides

Rapid Containment, Eradication and Attribution

SOC Support and Guidance

Onboarding Activities including Crisis Management Training Available

Bespoke and Tailored Response Plans Available

Response Frameworks aligned to NIST Standards

We are proud of our low cost Incident Response Plans
that combine globally recognised resources

Custodian360’s Incident Response Service combines over 45 years of expertise providing proactive planning & rapid response to safeguard your clients interests and ensure business continuity


Initial on-boarding ensures client readiness

Collaborative approach provides proactive and reactive services

24×7 access to expert resources minimises business disruption


If you are experiencing an incident, get in touch today on +44 118 2141860