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Embracing Diversity in Cybersecurity: Custodian360 Supports the CAPSLOCK ‘Cyber’s Brighter Future’ Pledge

The future of cybersecurity is diverse. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords, but essential components in the evolution of the cybersecurity industry. The industry currently lags behind in tapping into the potential of a diverse workforce and as a staunch proponent of diversity in the field, Custodian360 is eager to play a part in bridging this gap.

In a bid to champion diversity, we proudly align with CAPSLOCK and their newest campaign ‘Cyber Might Surprise You’. It is a powerful initiative aimed at debunking cyber stereotypes, celebrating transferable skills and offering an inclusive lens into the cyber industry. The campaign also features the launch of the ‘Cyber’s Brighter Future’ pledge – a call to arms for both individuals and businesses to contribute actively to the diversification of the cyber sector.

What Does the Pledge Entail?

The ‘Cyber’s Brighter Future’ pledge is designed to turn the tide, make cybersecurity education accessible, affordable, and inclusive, thus helping the industry reflect the heterogeneity of our society. The components of the pledge, we believe, align seamlessly with Custodian360’s core values and mission:

Promotion of Diversity: We aim to create a work and learning environment that underlines the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, mirroring the diverse tapestry of society itself.

Enrolment Across Demographics: Cybersecurity is not exclusive. Our commitment lies in enrolling adults across all genders, ethnicities, ages, abilities, neurotypes and walks of life to reflect the diversity in our cybersecurity bootcamps.

Changing Perceptions: Cybersecurity is not only for the ‘techy’, male, or degree holders. It is a field open to all and we aim to communicate this effectively across all channels.

Inclusivity in Language and Imagery: We commit to using inclusive language and imagery that reflect our ethos, making the field accessible to all.

Financial Accessibility: We pledge to break down financial barriers, providing accessible tuition options and scholarships to those eligible, ensuring everyone has a fair shot at a cybersecurity education.

Community Support: We’re here to nurture a diverse cybersecurity community through partnership initiatives, event sponsorships, and recruitment process advisories.

Custodian360’s Pledge and How You Can Join Us

Custodian360 strongly believes in a diverse cybersecurity industry. We are excited to contribute to the ‘Cyber’s Brighter Future’ pledge and invite you to join us. You may wonder how you can contribute. Here are a few suggestions:

Break Stereotypes: Tell the world that cybersecurity is not just about tech, hacking and coding.

Promote Marginalised Voices: Ensure that the unheard get the platform they deserve, be it in meetings, articles, podcasts, etc.

Mentorship: Guide someone new to the industry – your experience can pave the way for the next generation.

Non-traditional Hiring: Consider hiring from non-traditional backgrounds, look beyond degrees.

Prioritise Transferable Skills: Soft skills matter too. Consider these in job descriptions and interview processes.

Flexible Work Environments: Create work environments that offer flexibility and inclusivity.

Join us in taking the ‘Cyber’s Brighter Future’ pledge. Together, we can reshape the future of the cyber industry to be an inclusive, diverse, and equitable space that truly reflects the diversity of our society.

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