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Data Installation & Supplies Ltd have built a reputation of providing high quality, tailored solutions for IT, network and security problems. Working alongside a variety of clients, from small businesses to large corporations, their engineers have a vast wealth of experience they can draw upon to ensure that you receive an impeccable level of service.

“DIS was looking for a cloud-based endpoint protection product to replace our existing on-premise legacy Antivirus suite. The key factors as always with any renewal or procurement of services are that they are reliable, functional and of course, cost-effective. DIS prides itself at being ahead of the curve and we have a willingness to delve into new technology. So when I became aware of Custodian360 offerings my interest peaked. Custodian360 offer a range of high-end security products available on the market with the added bonus of a wraparound service. Turning off the shelf products into security as a service (SaaS) bundle.

The solution we chose for our internal endpoint protection was Custodian 360’s SentinelOne offering. This endpoint agent is a cost-effective (monthly charged based on usage), easy to install, lightweight fully cloud-based product that is compatible with all mainstream OS. The C360 cloud management portal is an easy on the eye, user-friendly informational interface giving system administrators a quick glance at how their estate is looking from a security perspective.

One of the USP’s of this product (and there are several) is that if something was to go wrong and our infrastructure was experiencing a cyberattack, for example in the form of a ransomware attack, then the team at C360 can pinpoint and roll back the point of infection to a prior working state. This is an essential tool that saves businesses time and money.

It was easy to sell to the decision-makers at DIS when the friendly and knowledgeable C360 team demonstrated the product and we have been happily partnering ever since. I can’t recommend this product enough to our customers (however large or small) and you should consider securing your business through DIS partnering with Custodian360.”

Lee Abrahams – Network Video & Security Engineer (https://www.disnetwork.co.uk)

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