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Data Privacy & Insider Threat Protection

Easily find and secure data of any type regardless of location.

Rapid Identification

Automated discovery of data allows you to identify all locations containing data and easily protect that data in seconds.

Global Visibility

Whether Shadow IT or Cloud Storage is your problem, you'll easily be able to see and protect data stored anywhere.

Any Device

Built in support for all compliance standards and regulations provide peace of mind for you and your Customers.

Rapid Response

Whatever it is that you need, our team is always on hand to advise or take over a situation and provide full resolution.


Our Security Operations Centre is UK based and all operations are handled by our in-house team of experts.

Cost Effective

With options starting from a single license our services are more accessible and cost effective than you would think.

Our Data Privacy & Insider Threat Protection Service Provides

24/7 Monitoring

SOC Support

Full Visibility

Visibility of all Applications in use

Transparent encryption of data at rest and in transit

Finding and classifying data is no longer hard,
we can give you the tools to do this in your sleep

Modern Security Professionals face three major challenges


Identity And Access Management

Data Privacy And Protection

Security Operations, Including Both Detection And Containment Capabilities


The Workforce As We Knew It Has Undergone A Dramatic Change In The Wake Of The Global Pandemic, The Resulting Huge Global Digital Transformation Has Become An Impossible Beast To Tame. 


MSP’s And IT Professionals Alike Are Being Pushed To Scale Operations At Frightening Speed, Regardless Of The Resources Available To Do This Safely And Securely.