Here at Custodian360 we are extremely keen to collaborate with all types of companies to provide real time threat detection. We have recently partnered up with CyberBee, a cyber insurance broker with a twist!

CyberBee have developed a new cyber protection proposal that addresses your cyber exposure needs. Their main goal is to provide you with the information you need to protect your business online.

CyberBee help to protect your business using three key mantras:

  1. Education and knowledge on sharing risks
  2. Access to risk management solutions to protect against these risks
  3. Cyber Insurance as the final line of defence.

CyberBee also give you access to their extensive ‘Knowledge Hive’ in order to help educate clients on the best way to protect their business online.

However unfortunately, preventable measures are not always completely reliable for business’ looking to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. This is why we have partnered up with CyberBee to make sure their clients can manage their business without any concerns about cyber security.

CyberBee promote our product on their website and cannot seem to speak highlight enough of the benefits.

Neil Campbell, the Managing Director of CyberBee wanted a solution for the company in which they could really feel confident that they were offering a product where their clients were protected against Cyber threats.

He has given us an insight into why he choose to work with us

‘Custodian 360 has given us the confidence to sell CyberBee insurance as a fully operational product. We are delighted to be working with an industry leading anti-virus/ransomware product that provides the best possible protection for your business.’

A glowing recommendation from a managing director of a company with over 150 years insurance industry experience!