DIS Choose Custodian360

Data Installation & Supplies Ltd have built a reputation of providing high quality, tailored solutions for IT, network and security problems. Working alongside a variety of clients, from small businesses to large corporations, their engineers have a vast wealth of experience they can draw upon to ensure that you receive an impeccable level of service.

“DIS was looking for a cloud-based endpoint protection product to replace our existing on-premise legacy Antivirus suite. The key factors as always with any renewal or procurement of services are that they are reliable, functional and of course, cost-effective. DIS prides itself at being ahead of the curve and we have a willingness to delve into new technology. So when I became aware of Custodian360 offerings my interest peaked. Custodian360 offer a range of high-end security products available on the market with the added bonus of a wraparound service. Turning off the shelf products into security as a service (SaaS) bundle.

The solution we chose for our internal endpoint protection was Custodian 360’s SentinelOne offering. This endpoint agent is a cost-effective (monthly charged based on usage), easy to install, lightweight fully cloud-based product that is compatible with all mainstream OS. The C360 cloud management portal is an easy on the eye, user-friendly informational interface giving system administrators a quick glance at how their estate is looking from a security perspective.

One of the USP’s of this product (and there are several) is that if something was to go wrong and our infrastructure was experiencing a cyberattack, for example in the form of a ransomware attack, then the team at C360 can pinpoint and roll back the point of infection to a prior working state. This is an essential tool that saves businesses time and money.

It was easy to sell to the decision-makers at DIS when the friendly and knowledgeable C360 team demonstrated the product and we have been happily partnering ever since. I can’t recommend this product enough to our customers (however large or small) and you should consider securing your business through DIS partnering with Custodian360.”

Lee Abrahams – Network Video & Security Engineer (https://www.disnetwork.co.uk)

Custodian360 and CyberHive Form an Alliance

Custodian360 and CyberHive Form an Alliance

Two innovative UK cyber security companies are excited to announce that they are joining forces to provide the world’s best cyber security solution.

Custodian360 and CyberHive are able to protect an organisation’s entire IT estate against all types of Cyber threats. This disruptive new technology will combine Custodian360’s real time protection and remediation with CyberHive’s patented whitelisting technology.

The combined solution protects all endpoint devices, including servers, laptops and mobile devices and further strengthens the security of the all-important servers where critical data is stored.

The combination of these 2 technologies would detect and stop the major breaches we have seen hit the headlines in recent months in their tracks. A combination of dynamic process monitoring and continuous learning ensures that new or previously unseen events are detected as malicious and stopped before they ever become a major problem to your business.

The partnership has been formed to address the inadequate threat-awareness, poor work practices and out of date technology that is leaving many organisations open to attack from cyber criminals.

No matter which industry your business operates in, no sector is immune to an attack.

Lanning Consulting Company Choose Custodian360

I first met Custodian360 at an exhibition and was immediately impressed by their Managed Security Service offering.


A true Enterprise solution at SME prices.


Since that time, they have continued to be open, and approachable to support me as a reseller (with online demo’s, support at exhibition’s, addressing technical questions etc), but they are also more than willing to engage directly with customers on my behalf in the pre-sales cycles.


Their pricing model is clear and simple for partners allowing me to quote prospective customers instantly and avoid delays in my sales cycle.


My customers are always amazed at how quickly and easily Custodian360 detects threats that they didn’t know they already had in their networks.


Depositit Choose Custodian360

As a company offering Data Protection services to the SME sector we were seeking additional and complimentary solutions without the need for ourselves to spend time and resource reinventing the wheel.

We narrowed down our search of possible solutions and then emailed/left message and spoke/met with with the companies who, on the face of it looked like they could provide what we required. Very quickly we got a feel for the types of company we had approached as most didn’t return calls, those that did promised a call back which, to this day remains elusive and a few whom we met didn’t seem interested in doing business unless there was a guaranteed value on the table.

Custodian 360 were easy to contact, forthcoming and supportive in helping us achieve what we were looking to do and no question was too silly. They actually reminded us of us, which is very customer focused be it towards partners or an end user of the product itself. We knew within a very short space of time that this was a company we could develop a sound relationship with moving forward knowing we’d be supported in all ways.

The relationship continues to develop and grow and we feel  very comfortable approaching Custodian 360 at any time for resources, information, customer support, trial accounts, webinars and brainstorm sessions to develop ideas to help achieve sales.

We’re very happy with the choice we made and confident the relationship will only continue to prosper over the months and years ahead.

Thomsonlocal Choose Custodian360

Thomsonlocal is one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the UK with over 30 years of experience connecting 10s of millions of customers and suppliers daily.

The security team at Thomsonlocal decided to work closely with AVR International to evaluate their options around End Point Security as the assessment had been made internally that ‘legacy’ systems were fast becoming unfit for purpose. “There are a plethora of End Point solutions in the market place currently and we simply don’t have time to test them all thoroughly.

We trust the technical capabilities of the AVR team and trusted that they would put forward only the very best solutions to address the changing needs of our business in the digital age.” Says Steven Denver (Infrastructure Support)

Key to the implementation were:

•A Modern approach to Protection, Detection and Remediation

•Detections rates – The existing solution was missing growing numbers of threats

•Detection methods – Signature scanning is fast becoming old hat and does not detect new advanced threats like memory based exploits.

•Comprehensive expert support with leading SLA times.

Following this collaborative approach Thomsonlocal chose Custodian360 as their New Managed End Point Protection Service. Built on the SentinelOne platform and managed by the team of experts at Custodian360 it is a service that backs itself 100%. Custodian360 offers SentinelOne’s unmatched detection, mitigation and remediation capabilities in one single agent all backed up by the Custodian360 teams’ many years of experience in EndPoint protection

“Custodian360 provides us with a truly next generation EndPoint solution which saves us time, money and most importantly protects robustly from Ransomware and all methods of threat” 

“I would highly recommend Custodian360 to address your EndPoint protection and remediation needs. The roll back functionality is exceptional and the level of support from Andy and the team from pre-deployment right through to production has been excellent”

Steven Denver

Infrastructure Support

Cyberbee Choose Custodian360

Here at Custodian360 we are extremely keen to collaborate with all types of companies to provide real time threat detection. We have recently partnered up with CyberBee, a cyber insurance broker with a twist!

CyberBee have developed a new cyber protection proposal that addresses your cyber exposure needs. Their main goal is to provide you with the information you need to protect your business online.

CyberBee help to protect your business using three key mantras:

  1. Education and knowledge on sharing risks
  2. Access to risk management solutions to protect against these risks
  3. Cyber Insurance as the final line of defence.

CyberBee also give you access to their extensive ‘Knowledge Hive’ in order to help educate clients on the best way to protect their business online.

However unfortunately, preventable measures are not always completely reliable for business’ looking to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. This is why we have partnered up with CyberBee to make sure their clients can manage their business without any concerns about cyber security.

CyberBee promote our product on their website and cannot seem to speak highlight enough of the benefits.

Neil Campbell, the Managing Director of CyberBee wanted a solution for the company in which they could really feel confident that they were offering a product where their clients were protected against Cyber threats.

He has given us an insight into why he choose to work with us

‘Custodian 360 has given us the confidence to sell CyberBee insurance as a fully operational product. We are delighted to be working with an industry leading anti-virus/ransomware product that provides the best possible protection for your business.’

A glowing recommendation from a managing director of a company with over 150 years insurance industry experience!