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As a company offering Data Protection services to the SME sector we were seeking additional and complimentary solutions without the need for ourselves to spend time and resource reinventing the wheel.

We narrowed down our search of possible solutions and then emailed/left message and spoke/met with with the companies who, on the face of it looked like they could provide what we required. Very quickly we got a feel for the types of company we had approached as most didn’t return calls, those that did promised a call back which, to this day remains elusive and a few whom we met didn’t seem interested in doing business unless there was a guaranteed value on the table.

Custodian 360 were easy to contact, forthcoming and supportive in helping us achieve what we were looking to do and no question was too silly. They actually reminded us of us, which is very customer focused be it towards partners or an end user of the product itself. We knew within a very short space of time that this was a company we could develop a sound relationship with moving forward knowing we’d be supported in all ways.

The relationship continues to develop and grow and we feel  very comfortable approaching Custodian 360 at any time for resources, information, customer support, trial accounts, webinars and brainstorm sessions to develop ideas to help achieve sales.

We’re very happy with the choice we made and confident the relationship will only continue to prosper over the months and years ahead.

Trickbot Trojan On The Rise

Over the last month, we’ve noticed an increased amount of weaponised trojan documents detected by our Custodian360 agent.

Criminals have setup a large variety of fake email campaigns spoofing email domains to imitate genuine emails typically from financial institutions such as PayPal, HMRC, Sage, Barclays etc.  They typically use language which demand the user’s attention such as an “unpaid invoice” or “bill attached” and have a weaponised document attached for the user to open.

i Example of spoof email (Screenshot taken

Once opened, the threat will attempt to use exploits and vulnerabilities in Office to gain ability to create system process and download additional malicious payloads all without the users’ knowledge.

Whilst newer versions of Office have additional protections and countermeasures against this type of attach, many businesses still run older versions of Office. In a 2017 survey by Spiceworks, 68% of companies are still running instances of Office 2007 which won’t have sufficient protective measures in place against this type of threat.

Custodian360 effectively protects against this type of threat by using documents and scripts analysis engine to prevent their execution including unknown zero-day campaigns.

However, end users should still be advised to be vigilant and avoid opening unknown attachments and companies should be encouraged to move away from using older versions of office due to the vulnerabilities and increased security risk which these types of threats attempt to exploit.

Data Snapshot: The state of productivity suites in the workplace

Found on Spiceworks:

Alex James – Lead Security Analyst – Custodian360